Rev. Rod Ellis; Elation Press 2016
weaves together the experiences of three men from different centuries bound together by faith in one true God Almighty.
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King of Hearts
KING of Hearts
David: Man of Devotion, Living with Passion, power and Purpose.
Rev. Rod Ellis; Elation Press 2012
12 key life principles from 1 and 2 Samuel which opens up our hearts to God,and reveals His heart to us.

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tbothk-frttbothk-bckTHE BISHOP OR THE KING
How The Anglican Church Of Canada Has Failed To Defend Its King (DVD Included)
Ron Corcoran; Essence Publishing 2009; 2nd printing is the Study Guide Edition 2011

Ron Corcoran,

On that day that changed the world, three men were crucified on a hill outside Jerusalem.  Two of these men were violent criminals. The third was God Incarnate. To His left, died a man mocking and cursing.  To His right, died a man who cried out to his Saviour, "Jesus, Remember Me." Journey to the foot of each cross as these men face suffering and death. Then decide: If the two men who died next to Jesus Christ, whose cross would you choose?

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