Kairos Gilliand and Barry BryanKairos Ministry, USA,  Gillian and Barry Bryan

Kairos Ministry is a prison ministry that is taking place across the USA. Gillian and Barry have been working in this ministry in Washington State since 1988.  With a team of volunteers from Church of our Lord, they lead weekends of life changing Bible study and encouragement.





rod_malawi1Jesus Power Church, Malawi, Pastor John Chirwa

In 1996 Church of Our Lord entered into a relationship of fellowship and partnership with the Jesus Power Church in Malawi, under the leadership of Pastor John Chirwa. The church is growing rapidly and planting congregations from the Llongwe to Blantyre and Chikwawa. Education is important and the Malawi Church oversees eight nursery, three primary, and one secondary school. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and like many in Africa, devastated by AIDS. The Malawi church cares for children in two orphanages. On three occasions COOL members have visited Malawi offering support and teaching.






Dorrington photo 2013Mission to Cuba, Bishop Charles and Mrs. Claudia Dorrrington, The Reformed Episcopal Church of Western Canada

This mission began with a small group of Christians in the city of Moa over ten years ago. It has now grown to over 20 churches numbering 1000 members scattered across the whole island from Havana to Holguin. Nuevo Eden is a farm that produces resources to support the work. There is also a theological correspondence school with 48 students. Bishop William was recently consecrated to establish this new Diocese. COOL has entered into a partnership with an enthusiastic young pastor, his family and church in the central area of San Pablo de Florida.







Summer Institute of Linguistics, Stan and Sandy Anonby

Stan and Sandy have vast experience working with the Summer Institute of Linguistics and are presently based in Southeast Asia.











Karen Rempel 1Teach Beyond Ministries, Karen Rempel 

Karen teaches piano in the music program at Black Forest Academy (BFA) in Germany.
BFA provides a Christian, English language education for elementary and secondary students especially those whose parents are involved in Christian mission.

http://bfacademy.com/  |  http://www.teachbeyond.org/ 








Precious Jewels Lorrie_and_JokePrecious Jewels, Lorrie Anderson and Joke Bergink

Precious Jewels Ministry has been caring for vulnerable children in the Philippines since 1987, beginning on Smokey Mountain, the Manila garbage dump, then extending into rural villages around Mt. Pinatubo, and also reaching out to families affected by HIV/AIDS and TB in the national hospital for infectious diseases. Since 2006 some of the PJM team have been traveling to Uganda and Rwanda, for two to five months at a time, training nationals in “Ang Tulay” – a journey with children experiencing grief and loss.

Lorrie Anderson and Joke Bergink are the founding co-directors of Precious Jewels Ministry.






MaddafordBerk and Doris Maddaford work with three mission organizations:

Precious Jewels ministries (PJM), http://www.preciousjewels.org/Home for the Hundredth Sheep HHS),http://www.homeforthe100thsheep.com/, and Mount Carmel Bible Presbyterian Church (MCBPC).

Berk and Doris work with orphans for PJM and as mentors with MCPBC and HHS.  The Maddaford`s home in Manila is a place of refuge and rest for many involved in these three organizations.






PetriePartnership Ministries, Allistar and  Marie Petrie

Partnership Ministries is a global ministry that teaches the principles and relevance of the Gospel and its relationship to the Marketplace. Alistair and Marie travel extensively to many nations, researching and teaching these transformation principles, and on occasion teaches a one week Marketplace School.








Dr Edith Mengo HospitalMengo Hospital, Uganda, Dr. Edith

The Church of our Lord congregation specifically supports Dr. Edith who works with AIDS orphans at the Saturday Club at Mengo Hospital, the oldest hospital in Uganda.. Dr. Donald Gibson, who is a parishioner at the Church of Our Lord, was the founding member of Friends of Mengo Canada. He spent many years of missionary work as a medical doctor at Mengo Hospital. Mengo Hospital

http://mengohospital.org/, http://www.mengofriends.ca/








Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada, Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC)

Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada works within the worldwide Anglican Communion to maximize life change in some of the most challenging parts of the world by:  mutually crossing cultural and economic boundaries, focusing on Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East, supporting holistic, community based projects that incorporate evangelism, striving to use the highest quality project research and outcome evaluation available, and providing a spiritually-enriching, thoughtful and satisfying giving experience for our donors.


photo not availableIndia, Nepal
In 2015, Pat Leisch and Marjorie Woodroffe went on short term mission trips to India and Nepal respectively.

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